Secondary / Grades 7–12

Master Your English Skills Grades 9 & 10

A comprehensive English program to help students achieve the National Benchmarks for all Content Standards in the Syllabus for Grade 9 and 10.

Student Books:  variety of different genre reading texts, language study, apply your skills – grammar, word study and comprehension.

Teacher Guides: teacher notes, answers to all exercises in the Student Book, tests, assignments, apply your skills at Grade 10 to prepare students for Grade 10 English Written Expression Exam.

Spelling and Word Study for Papua New Guinea Grades 7 & 8

A planned 40-week daily program to teach spelling, vocabulary and grammar. Together they teach: Sight words; Phonics; Grammar and Vocabulary.

Student Books: two graded spelling lists each week, integrated phonics, grammar and vocabulary activities

Teacher Guides: teaching plan, activities for 40 weeks, Spelling and Dictation test every Friday.

Past Exam Questions Grades 9 & 10
Mathematics, Science, English

Excellent revision guides to prepare students for Grade 10 Examinations in Mathematics, Science and English. These books can also be used in Grade 9 to revise each topic as it is taught.

Each book features questions arranged by topic, revision notes for each topic, questions from past exam papers, detailed answers for every question and explanations.

Past Exam Questions Grades 11 & 12
General Mathematics 3rd edition
Advanced Mathematics 3rd edition
Physics 3rd edition
Chemistry 3rd edition
Biology 3rd edition

Essential books for students to practise for Grade 12 examinations. By doing questions from past exam papers you can attain top marks in exams. These books can also be used in Grade 11 to revise each topic as it is taught.

The books feature all questions from past examination papers (3rd edition 2011 – 2021) with detailed answers for every question with explanations, and revision notes that summarise essential information for each topic.