Our commitment

We are committed to:

literacy – no skill is more crucial to the future of a child than literacy. No skill is more crucial to the future of PNG than literacy.

grassroots education – we launched in Kiunga to demonstrate our commitment to the grassroots, the teachers and students in rural and remote communities.

practical guidance – our books provide practical guidance for teachers whose students speak English as their second (or third) language. Our books identify the skills and activities, and the teaching sequence, needed for students to achieve high-level learning outcomes.

teacher training – we run professional development workshops focused on the teaching of early years literacy. Teachers are invited to present specific lessons to ensure that training carries through to their daily classroom practice.

local partnerships – our work with PNG teachers, writers and illustrators ensures that Bilum Books content aligns with the local curriculum and reflects daily life in Papua New Guinea – a mirror and a window to the world.

available books – our partnership with Christian Books Melanesia (CBM) means that our books are held in the CBM warehouse in Lae. This ensures quick and easy distribution of books to bookshops and schools nationwide.

local languages – our commitment to literacy extends to creating books in under-resourced local languages of Papua New Guinea. Bilum Books has created over 30 digital storybooks that are available in Hiri Motu, Tok Pisin and Enga languages as well as English.