Spelling and Word Study for Papua New Guinea
Grade 2 to Grade 8

Word Study = Spelling + Phonics + Grammar + Vocabulary

A planned program to teach spelling and vocabulary from Grade 2 (the foundation) to Grade 8. There is a Student Book and a Teacher Guide for each grade level. Together they teach:

  • Sight words – high-frequency words that must be known by sight
  • Phonics – sounds and letters
  • Grammar – how to use words correctly
  • Vocabulary – the meaning of over 5,000 words and how to use them

The graphic design on the cover is based on a design used on the rim of a wooden bowl in the Kar mountains of the Rai Coast. It represents a bush vine with knots in it which was used by the Kar people as a trade calendar. One knot represents a day. When trading partners cut the last knot from their vine, they knew that the day following was the day to meet again for trading.

The foundation level covers all 300 common words plus topic words listed in Annex 2 of the Standards-Based English Syllabus for Elementary Schools. Grades 3-8 build on that foundation. By Grade 8, students will have been taught over 5,000 words in English – to understand their meaning, to use them correctly and to spell them correctly.

This is a planned program:

  • Each book covers 4 Terms, with 10 weeks per term
  • Each week has a daily teaching plan (Mon to Fri)
  • Two word lists each week: Group 1 ‘sight words’ and Group 2 ‘sound words’
  • Regular assessment – a spelling and dictation test every Friday and an assessment at the end of each term

Grade 3 Student Book page

Sample page from Grade 3 Student Book

Grade 3 Teacher Guide page

Sample page from Grade 3 Teacher Guide