Primary / Grades 1–6

Phonics for Papua New Guinea
Grades 1 and 2

A sequenced program of scripted lessons that enable teachers to implement the NDoE Standards-Based Syllabus and Teacher Guides. Sounds and letters are taught using words and illustrations that are familiar to PNG students. Includes clear teaching instructions, ideas, activities, worksheets, chants, games…

SBC English for Papua New Guinea
Grades 1, 2 and 3+

This is and ‘all-in-one’ English program is designed to teach the skills of English to children who live in PNG and whose mother tongue is not English. The structure follows the strands and content of the NDoE Standards-Based ENGLISH Syllabus for PNG: Speaking and Listening, Reading and Comprehension, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar and usage, Common words, Writing.

Bilum Books Picture Dictionary
and Teacher Guide

The Picture Dictionary includes the 300 common words and topic words listed in Annex 2 of the NDoE Elementary School ENGLISH Syllabus.

If students know these common words, it will greatly improve their reading fluency, which in turn will greatly improve their ability to comprehend what they read. All words are explained in a PNG context.

Spelling and Word Study for Papua New Guinea
Grades 2-8

Word Study = Spelling + Phonics + Grammar + Vocabulary

A planned program to teach spelling and vocabulary from the foundation Grade 2 to Grade 8. There is a Student Book and a Teacher Guide for each grade level. Together they teach: Sight words; Phonics; Grammar and Vocabulary.

Digital Storybooks

A collection of 34 Papua New Guinean storybooks for beginner readers can be downloaded and read for enrichment. The stories are extracted from the Student Books of our SBC English for Papua New Guinea series.