Writers & illustrators

We have over 45 years of experience as teachers and publishers of books for PNG. Our work takes us to every Province in the country. This has enabled us to build a team of consultants, advisors, reviewers, writers, illustrators and friends throughout PNG.

Our books are written by experienced authors and teachers, many of whom are based in Papua New Guinea. Bilum Books encourages local authors and illustrators and provides opportunities for their professional development.

We acknowledge and thank our writers: Tandi Jackson, Susan Baing, Colette Dadavana, Beaty Hinamuyuweta, Owen Saria, Eve Recht, Lynne Darkin (SBC English); Elske Brown, Judy Jackson (Phonics, Spelling and Word Study); Doug Brown (Spelling and Word Study); Brigid O’Farrell, Michael Mape, Eve Recht (Picture Dictionary); Glenda Giles (Master Your English Skills); Nicole Chamalaun, Andrew Olesnicky, Glenda Giles, Jeffery Wama Gepul (Past Exam Questions); and translators Craig Volker (Tok Pisin), Andrew Solien (Hiri Motu), Daniel Kumbon and Joshua Mark (Digital storybooks).

We also acknowledge and thank our illustrators: Michael Mape, Michael John, Richard Dall, Chris Kawage, Bala Moumou, Jane Wena, Gigs Wena and Dominic Blackwell.

Bilum Books illustrator, Michael Mape is from Aitape, East Sepik Province. He is a highly respected artist who has exhibited internationally.

Michael John is from Chimbu Province in the Highlands of PNG. He now lives and works as a graphic designer and artist in Port Moresby.

Other illustrators include: Chris Kawage, Bala Moumou, Jane Wena, Gigs Wena, Andy Nombri, Richard Dall.